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Unfortunately, in the world of buying GBL online, there are scammers out there bent on nothing more than taking your money.  This is a battle that we fight every day.  We fight this battle on the field of reputation and we fight this battle by making sure that we provide every customer with nothing but 99.% pure gamma-Butyrolactone delivered to their door in a very timely manner.  Successful delivery is the easy part of this fight.  Winning the reputation war is the more difficult part.  Proving that GBLWHEELBRITE is an honest and reliable supplier of GBL wheel cleaner is a much harder task.  It is difficult because there are some people out there (with extremely high Google rankings) who would have you believe that they are the ‘authority’ when it comes to guiding you toward a reputable place to order GBL.

Update:  1/17/20144 - Jasper Rijnberg (A.K.A Daniel Hogson) is out of the GBL business.  His main scam site has gone dark, and his other website is still up but not taking orders.  Finally, his site is still functioning as a gateway to GBL Star Cleaner.

It is a great day when the biggest scammer in Europe unplugs.  This opens the doors for honest and legitimate retailers of GBL cleaning and solvent products to give clients the products and support they deserve.

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One of those websites is  The owner(s) of this website have been operating for years and have been tricking unsuspecting people into trusting that they are the ones who know the good shops and the bad ones.  The problem with this is that they are at the top of the heap when it comes to bad places to purchase GBL.  Follow the link above to read the complaint on Rip Off Report.

If you perform a simple Google search for “GBL Scam” you will find many reports like this one.  This thread discusses UBERCLEAN as a scam site.  The website has since been taken down, but not before they scammed many people out of a great deal of money.  This thread discusses GBLSTARCLEANER as being a scam site for large orders.  AS far as we can tell, GBLSTARCLEANER has not shipped any GBL for well over a year.

You can trust that GBLWHEELBRITE will deliver your 99.9% GBL to you and you will have no problems.