Don’t Believe the Hype

Product Information

The internet is full of “information” about almost any topic you can imagine.  The problem is that most “experts” are not worth their salt.  Take the discussion around GBL as an example.  You can find people on the internet who claim that GBL will damage your expensive chrome or alloy wheels.  Some of them even claim that using GBL can be dangerous.  Well, I am here to tell you that I have been using 99.9% pure GBL alloy wheel cleaner since 2010 without any problems.  I take my chassis in  several times a year for a full inspection and the old car doctor has never found a single problem.  So it pisses me off when I read some ill-informed blogger spewing lies about the dangers of GBL cleaner.

When you order GBL from GBLWHEELBRITE, be very careful.  Your mag, alloy, and chrome wheels will be shining like never before.  This may attract some extra attention and could result in the total destruction of your social anxiety disorder.  People have been know to fall under the influence of the euphoric feelings that come from having really clean wheels.  I am never one to say that feeling good is a bad thing, because it is a GREAT thing, and I would be lying if I told you otherwise.  Imagine drifting on the cloud of energy that comes from people being blown away by the smooth clean metal that lies under all of that dirt and grime that covers your wheels.  Imagine how the girls (and guys) will gaze longingly at you for one chance to spend all night with someone who pays that much attention to detail.  Ask yourself one question:  What is stopping you from ordering GBL online, now?

Order GBL Today

All of our orders are professionally packaged and shipped from our manufacturing facility.  You do not have to worry about receiving anything but the highest quality 99.9%  pure GBL wheel cleaner.  We also have a professional staff on hand to answer your questions and deal with any customer service issues that might arise.

We look forward to a long and prosperous business relationship.  Providing you with the best product at the lowest possible price, with fast shipping is why we started this business.  Knowing that your car or truck is rolling on the cleanest wheels in town is just an added bonus.  At GBLWHEELBRITE, you are more than a customer.  You are like on of us, someone who appreciates their freedom and clean wheels.

Be sure to tell your friends about us.  They deserve clean wheels too.