Can I buy GBL Wheel Cleaner Over the Counter

Product Information

Can I buy GBL wheel cleaner at Walmart?

The simple and unfortunate answer is, no!  You cannot purchase any wheel cleaner at Walmart that contains gamma-Butyrolactone,  the United States Federal Government has made quite sure that will never happen.

What over the counter wheel cleaners contain GBL?

Once again, this questions is asked often and the answer is the same.  There was a time when you could buy various solvents like gamma-Butyrolactone and 1,4 Butanediol in home repair and hardware stores, but those days have passed.

Where can I buy GBL online?

Right here, of course!  The best way to purchase gamma-Butyrolactone is to find a reputable online merchant and conduct your business over the internet.  Dealing with GBL WHEEL BRITE means that your order will be shipped by express delivery and you will receive your GBL in the fastest and most secure manner possible.  We sell GBL cleaner in many countries all around the world and we have the highest customer service of any other shop.  When you deal with us, you are dealing with professionals who have your best interest in mind.

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